Our group consists of:

  • Myself, (Programming major, Marketing minor)
  • Jack, (Programming major, Game design minor)
  • Bob, (Game design major, Programming minor)
  • Lexi, (Animation & Games double degree)

It is a small group but we are all passionate and hard-working.

We are considering bringing on a 5th person to help take some weight off everyone’s shoulders but I am afraid it will unseat the balance we have created between us. It is something we are approaching very carefully.

Technically we had our first group meeting before semester started but after our first lecture we realised we had been speaking in far too concrete terms.

In our first official group meeting immediately after our lecture we agreed that ideas and concepts need to be fast, loose and iterated above all.

After this was agreed upon all four of us pitched game mechanics, concepts and narrative ideas for a couple of hours and found it to be a very fruitful brainstorming session.

Instead of sitting on our laurels until week 4 critique period, we collectively decided to brainstorm for weeks 1-3 and have a different theme each week.

Week 1’s theme was cute-grim.

I will describe a few of the stand-out ideas in an upcoming blog post.


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