We officially registered our group at the Week 2 lecture. Bob expressed concerns about his ability to handle his own work as well as social media responsibilities and we discussed the possibility of bringing in a 5th but overall the potential negative impact on our group dynamic may be more harmful than the positive workload redistribution. We instead rediscussed roles and agreed that the responsibility for social media can be a shared one.

There are a list of deliverables for Week 4, including this blog / workbook. I emailed Ross Brown this week and he clarified some of the queries I had about the work and group formation.

Having finally gotten the knack of wordpress after 10-12 hours of pulling my hair out over the weekend, I swiftly created a group blog for our studio:


And I also recreated my own individual blog to be less cluttered and more streamlined – hence why the posts all appear to have been uploaded together.

We did have an hour or so long team meeting immediately before the lecture and worked mostly on developing LinkedIn profiles. Our true team meeting took place Friday, Week 2.


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