Jack presented the PowerPoint we created together in the lecture for Week 3. Our tutors responded positively to our pitch which was a relief for us – they particularly liked the juxtaposition between our “cute” aesthetic and the grimness of a plague or disease-centered game.

We are concerned that the teaching staff may forcibly add any people without a team to our group as we are the smallest team in the cohort (just the four of us) so we sent an email out asking for interest from anyone with Unreal Engine 4 experience. At least this way we would have some control over who else has to join our team…but alas no-one has responded.

Hopefully a fifth member won’t be a strain on our team – we know we can build this game with four so perhaps a fifth might even be a good thing.

We’ll know by next week. I worry if it’s another animator because I know how determined Lexi is about creating all the assets for our project for her portfolio and we have no need for a game designer as there are three of us currently working on that front together (myself, Bob and Jack). I hope if we have to have anyone it’s another programmer, that would take a little weight off my back to focus on the logic of the game and for Jack and Bob to look into AI.


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