Week 4 is the big one – it’s our first week where we are critiqued. Whatever happens this week will give us a feel for what is expected of us every week and of what is to come.

More information will become available at the briefing Thursday noon but we know that during this critique (Week 4) the panel will:

  • Quickly look at the game concept status, as reported by the Producer.
  • Tick off the other deliverables; LinkedIn profiles, blogs etc. to see that the team is ready for the rest of semester.

Before the upcoming critique, we have been reshuffling roles to make sure everyone is comfortable with the work they are assigned. I’ve volunteered to take on the role of Producer because I feel confident with the responsibility of updating the team’s progress in the group blog, updating my own blog and reporting our game concept status in critiques.

We also have locked in our team name officially as “Scope It Down” studio and our game as “I Am Zer0”.

Here is our registered email address: studios.sid@gmail.com

And in fact, here is the link to our (revamped) group blog again: sidgamestudio.wordpress.com

I will be updating it shortly with content ready for our critique session this week.

We will be creating our social media pages (FB, Twitter, YouTube) too.


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