I feel that we have made notable progress together this week. Every team member clearly understands their role within the group, the deliverables that they have completed ready for our critique and the work expected from them this point forward.

I am thankful that I have spent the time in the last few weeks preparing myself for our first critique by setting up my blog very early and by experimenting with how I want to use my blog now rather than later.

Following our first critique, I have decided to post my progress throughout the week then link to these posts as evidence for the work log in my final Summary post of every week (enabling me to keep the weekly Summary posts far more succinct).

This week I have:

(See attached links to past posts for further discussion of my work)

Next week I need to:

  • Take the feedback from our first critique and apply it to our game concept and to the way I run the blogs.
  • Research Unreal vs Unity – find out what UE4 can achieve
  • Start creating small test programs to explore functionality in UE4

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