This week we have gladly welcomed a new member to our group – Julian Anning. He is a 6th year Games student (after changing majors from Game Design to Software Technology and time spent overseas on exchange) and he is very excited about our game pitch. We are stoked to have gained another passionate member for our team with programming experience.

We had our weekly Team Meeting immediately after the lecture, as we will no longer be able to hold meetings on our usual Fridays (as that is when our critique is scheduled for).

In it, we:

  • Confirmed the roles of the team
  • Defined Julian’s new responsibilities as a programmer
  • Discussed how social media outlets should be managed
  • Discussed the shortly upcoming critique
  • Checked that each team member had their deliverables ready for the critique
  • Agreed on work that was to be done for the critique (summary posts on individual blogs, update on group blog, editing the PowerPoint for the pitch.

I also wanted to make reference to the fact that some people we have pitched our game to have made comparisons to the popular flash game Pandemic (a single-player strategy game that uses a overhead view of a world map and mathematical algorithms to spread disease with the aim to infect and kill the population of the entire world).

Though the initial premise of spreading disease for population domination has its similarities, the gameplay mechanics are entirely different between the two games.

Our pitch is at its core a 2-player, arena-style strategy game. It was developed from a previous game concept called ‘Paint the Town’ where colour is spread to AI townspeople upon player contact in a 2-player, arena-style strategy game with the goal to have spread your colour to more AI townspeople than your opponent. We changed the setting and premise of the game but built upon the core game mechanics.



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