Weekly Log: (approx 14 hours)
Task  Date Complete  Time Spent  Evidence
Downloaded UE4  26/03/17  N/A  N/A
UE4 basic tutorials (creating classes, writing and compiling code, testing, cameras, etc)  27/03/17  2 hours Links to Tutorials
Research to support and shape personal brainstorming  29/03/17  2 hours Link to appropriate blog post
Personal brainstorming of ideas  28/03/17  1 hour Link to appropriate blog post
Experimenting on my own in UE4  29/03/17  1 hour Link to appropriate blog post
Team Meeting  30/03/17  3 hours Link to Team Minutes group blog
Writing my own blog posts 30/03/17 1 hour N/A
Working on team pitch powerpoint 30/03/17 3 hours Link to slides
Editing group blog 30/03/17 20 minutes N/A
 (Producer responsibility) Writing team summary for group blog 30/03/17 30 minutes Link to Team Summary

I brainstormed and researched new game concepts.

I worked to learn the basics on Unreal Engine 4 this week.

I also organised my team’s individual and joint deliverables and fulfilled my responsibilities as a Producer of the team by maintaining the group blog.

The team responded positively to my new ideas but ultimately we instead looked back at an idea I formed week 2 with a chameleon to develop for our pitch this week.

Weekly Learning:

This week I have learnt the basics of Unreal Engine 4 and the importance of communication within the team to ensure that all members are clear about their responsibilities for deliverables.


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