Weekly Log: (12 hours)
Task  Date Complete  Time Spent  Evidence
Research (CODENAME: CHAMELEON) – puzzles, puzzle mechanics, puzzles in games  01/04/17 3 hours Link to appropriate blog post (with research notes)
 Brainstorming (ZOMBIE SHUFFLE) – mechanics, objectives  06/04/17 1 hour Link to appropriate blog post
Reformulated team concepts – objectives, flow, cohesion  06/04/17 2 hours See- presentation slides
Team Meeting  06/04/17 2 hours See – team meeting minutes
Writing my own blog posts  06/04/17 1/2 hour  N/A
Working on team pitch powerpoint  06/04/17 3 hours See – presentation slides
 (Producer responsibility) Writing team minutes  06/04/17 1/2 hour See – team meeting minutes
  • Researched puzzle theory, puzzles in games for Codename: Chameleon
  • Brainstormed mechanics and balance for Zombie Shuffle
  • Team did not extend or provide feedback for Bob’s game concepts – more pressure on individuals (myself, Bob, Jack) to take responsibility and reformulate ideas deeply.
Weekly Learning:

Our communication was poor this week. Our team wasn’t listening to Bob’s game concepts – they were unreceptive and did not provide any feedback. Next week I will ensure that everyone provides feedback in writing.


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