Bob and I had a discord meeting where we brainstormed mechanics for our newest game concept, Zombie Shuffle.

Notes from our meeting:

  • A preemptive warning for limb loss (for Zombie players) to give them time to scout out new parts.
  • Inhibited movements if the Zombie replaces parts w/ inanimate objects
  • You dont have to replace parts – but more parts you lose, more visible you become (as movement and animation changes)
  • Randomised objectives (comedic) to give more for Zombie players to do than simply evade the Slayer
  • Potential penalty if Slayer lets zombie complete goals
  • If zombies slowly turn grey – need to eat fresh brains to replenish blood?
  • Looked at the form and pace of popular 2 player games such as Nidhogg.
  • Newspaper articles after every round, inspired by 1986 Rampage arcade game. Main article denotes outcome of game, randomly generated side article dependent on player action eg. if zombies completed side missions.
     (Rampage 1986)

Potential future direction:

  • Light effect (if zombies pass in front of light their shadows can be seen through the clothes – eg if they have a plunger for their arm!)


  • Slayer has a unique player model
  • Zombie(s) have the same player models as civilians
  • Slayer has spidey-sense – if zombie is nearby the screen flashes red in proximity
  • (No cooldown on spidey-sense as zombies can see the Slayer)
  • Sound design – the music quietens and Slayer can hear their heartbeat

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