Understanding Blueprint

Understanding key mapping

To familiarise myself with Blueprint, I first tasked myself with basic directional movement for the player model, mapped to keys.

Movement Blueprintmovement input

Action Mappings
Edit -> Project Settings -> Input  (your new best friend!)input settings.PNG

Understanding Animations

Applying a key-mapped animation required firstly downloading the free Animation Starter Pack from the Epic Games marketplace.

starter pack.PNG

Once this was done, I deleted the skeleton from the ‘ThirdPerson’ model I was using and replaced the reference with the UE4 Skeleton provided as part of the Animation Start Pack.

(Make sure you’re using the right default pawn class!)

Edit -> Project Settings -> Maps & Modespawn.PNG

To edit the correct Blueprint, select the ASP Character provided with the Animation Start Pack – (you should have just selected as your default pawn class).


This brings up some prebuilt actions such as basic actor and camera movement and integrated VR control.

I began by creating a crouch animation. I selected ‘InputAction Crouch’ and linked its ‘pressed’ and ‘released’ states to actions. The InputAction then had to be mapped to a key (I chose ‘c’) under Edit ->Project Manager -> Input.

Crouch Blueprintcrouch

You may then compile and save the Event Graph.

Understanding how to Manipulate the Actor (combining new skills)

I was tasked this week with creating the ‘defensive/block’ action in Unreal Engine 4. Since we have limited access to only the stock animations, I decided to make my own ‘animation’ by combining two techniques.


The original conceptual GIF shows Lil’ Death:
1) Turning away from the perceived danger
2) Cowering into himself
3) Cocooned by Lucifer’s shadow hands

Although I don’t currently have access to assets that would enable me to recreate Lucifer’s shadow hands, I felt I would be able to complete the rest of the action if I thought creatively.

After trial and error, I decided to combine the actor’s rotational turn on the spot towards the camera with the crouching animation (upon depression of the mapped key) and an immediate turn back to the actor’s original direction, coming out of the crouching animation (upon release of the mapped key).

Defensive Crouch Blueprint
defensive bluepring

Upon Depression of the Mapped Key:
defensive crouch


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