We have spent the last few weeks preparing for our major Week 8 Presentation – and all our hard work payed off! Our concept was greenlit!

Concept: Hell-evator

The culmination of our ideas from Weeks 1-8, Hell-evator is the story of Lil’ Death, the son of the Grim Reaper, in an epic adventure inspired by Dante’s Inferno.

Image result for deathigner
(Deathigner, 2013)


“Today is the day Lil’ Death has been waiting patiently for all year – the annual “Bring Your Kids to Work” day.

His father, the Grim Reaper, shows him the entrances to heaven and hell but it only takes a clumsy moment of distraction for Lil’ Death to trip over his robes and plummet into the depths of the underworld.

Lucifer, frozen at the very bottom level of the pit, strikes a bargain with the frightened child:

Free me from this prison, and I shall free you from this pit.

And so their arduous journey begins… “

Find below a summary of the work I produced leading up to the presentation:

  1. COMBAT MECHANICS (GIFS)  (10+ hours)

I’m not primarily an artist or animator for the team but to contribute to the ‘paper prototyping’ the tutors expected to see in our presentation I produced three gifs to give a feel for combat in our game.



Defend / Block




I also produced a depiction of the Nine Levels of Hell.

Nine Levels of Hell, feat. Hell-evator


2. PRESENTATION  (3+ hours)

I was selected as speaker for the team, so in preparation I brainstormed some themes to deliberately weave into the presentation as motifs and help connect all our elements together. I also produced the final edit for the Powerpoint Slides.

high oncept.PNG

The above quote, taken directly from Paradise Lost, embodies the core of our game – the difficult journey from the very depths of Hell back to the light.

The theme of our pitch revolved around Lil’ Death, and his innocence as a child. All of the mechanics and level designs are built through this lense.

Examples of this are:

  • Combat mechanics: Built on the theme of protecting Lil Death from fighting:
    • Attack: Lucifer’s magic shadow scythe does the true damage – all Lil’ Death does is swing his toy scythe in the right direction.
    • Block: Lil’ Death turns away and cowers from an attack – Lucifer’s shadow hands form a protective cocoon around Lil’ Death.
    • Dodge: Lil’ Death trips over his too-large robe and stumbles out of the path of an incoming attack.
  • Level concepts: Inspired by twisted children’s experiences and fears.
  • Level mechanics: Emphasise skill over hack ‘n slash.
  • Concept design: Built upon a child-like filter of the true horrors found in Hell. The monsters in the pit are too much for a child to comprehend, so they become a grotesque version of something more familiar instead (such as stuffed toys).

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