• Planned and prioritised Task List
  • Revised Task List with Producer’s suggestions


Variable Planning

  • Mapped level variables


Rock #ID Other Destroyed Rocks Draw Line


 #  3  A
 #  4  B


 #  5  D
 #  4  C


 #  1  A
 #  5  E


 #  2  C
 #  1  B


 #  2  D
 #  3  E

Setting up Blueprints

  • Created new level + blueprint

treachery level new.PNG

  • Created new intro widget
  • Created 5x pentagram rocks [callback to level blueprint]

pentagram rock.PNG

  • Created falling rock template

falling rock.PNG

Implementation: Falling Rocks

  • Upon collision with player, deal damage THEN destroy self

destroy rock.PNG

  • Upon collision with ground, destroy self

hit ground

Implementation: Pentagram Rocks

  • Upon being attacked by player, activate destruction cycle: 50% scythe range only

pentagram rock

  • LEVEL BLUEPRINT: Upon destruction,

1. update rock variables (TRUE -> FALSE),


  • 2. check if new line can be drawn -> if so, draw line (refer to above table)
  • 3. call pentagram check


  • Pentagram check
    • 4. check if level can end (?all == FALSE)


Categorically Disabling Abilities


To Do:

Level Implementation

  • Create pentagram lines (test: location, collision)
  • Develop algorithm to spawn falling rocks
  • Lucifer dialogue

Create Triggers to activate prewritten ability control

  • Destroying the first rock (Unlock ‘attack’ skill)
  • Under falling rocks (Freeze ‘player movement’, teach ‘block’ defensive skill)
  • Use pentagram lines (Teach ‘dodge roll’ skill)
  • Raise at least one of the final 5 rocks onto a platform (Teach ‘jump’ skill)

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