Source Control – Tutorial

Our team uses Github for source control. To ensure universal accessibility, we’ve decided to use the Sourcetree interface for all our team members to push and pull from the master branch to our own branches.

How I use Sourcetree:

(First time only) I started by cloning the master branch into my own branch – I named it Treachery. This is the branch I work from.

hellevator sourcetree

Every time I work on the project from now on, I start by pulling the most recent version of the Treachery branch…

Pulling the most recent version of the project:

…As I make changes and add to my work, I periodically ‘stage’ and commit my changes with descriptive notes to remind me of the changes I’ve made. These changes will be ready to be pushed back to my Treachery branch once I’m done…

Making my commits to be pushed:staging

…Before I sign off my work, I double-check that all my changes are committed and I finally push the commits through to update my Treachery branch.

Pushing my most recent work to my Treachery branch:

At the end of every week, all of our branches are merged to become the new master branch.

Congratulations on finishing the tutorial! Now you too are a Source control expert! 🙂


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