Weekly Log: (23 hours)
Task Date Complete Time Spent Evidence
Event Dispatching 31/07/17 1 hour Screenshot, tutorial link (with evidence)
Pentagram Rocks Trigger variable pass to level blueprint when destroyed 26/07/17 6 hours Link to appropriate blog post (with evidence)
Create correct sequences for fault line generation 28/07/17
Trigger ‘victory state’ 28/07/17
Control Ability freezing 30/07/17
Pentagram Lines Create object 28/07/17 5 hours Link to appropriate blog post (with evidence)
Spawn according to destroyed rock ID# 30/07/17
Verify collision and collision effect (damage etc) 28/07/17
Falling Rocks Spawn rocks 25/07/17 2 hours Link to appropriate blog post (with evidence)
Propel rocks to ground 28/07/17
Destroy rocks on contact with any solid surface 31/07/17
Damage upon collision with player 25/07/17
Successfully freezing abilities on trigger 30/07/17 2 hours Link to appropriate blog post (with evidence)
Learning SourceTree and writing up a tutorial blog post 25/07/17 1 hour Link to my Tutorial
Flow chart design for Treachery 31/07/17 1 hour Link to Flow Chart
Powerpoint contribution 31/07/17 2 hours See – Powerpoint
Team management, typing up critique notes – /07/17 1 hour N/A
Writing my blog with screenshots and evidence 31/07/17 2 hours N/A




Weekly Learning:

  • Actual Event vs ‘Call’


  • Event Dispatcher, tutorial

Level blueprint cannot communicate with the generic actor blueprint. Each actor that needs to be communicated with must first be selected in the level overview, have a reference created for it (event dispatcher) and then have any references made to that persistent object.

(ref: https://docs.unrealengine.com/latest/INT/Engine/Blueprints/UserGuide/EventDispatcher/Calling/index.html#callinginlevelblueprints)

  • On (event) – get not just self, but CORRECT component


  • Correct player cast



  • Overlap event – check for HIDDEN state of actor before triggering damage


  • Collision checkbox



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