Allocated by Producer:


  • Attack and block movement collisions – cage

I ensured that overlap events were set to true, that collision preset was set to blockall so that the object became solid and then I create the ‘on attack’ collision code to destroy the cage spikes.

dont forget!

on attack.PNG

When the cage is broken, Lucifer has something to say. I needed to detect when any of the cage spikes were destroyed, and then make sure his dialogue event was only activated the first time.

breaking cage.PNG

  • Treachery dialogue – Press enter to cycle through dialogue, rather than timer

This dialogue was exceptionally tricky as I didn’t want to put any code onto the player character blueprint.

Dialogue arrays are initialised at startup.


I started by completely rewriting the event for dialogue. As event calls cannot take arrays as parameters, I had to create a second event handler to process dialogue.


Then came rewriting the dialogue widget event to draw from these dialogue arrays, according to keypress.


This was used to cycle through lines of dialogue, after the initial frame:


At the end of a conversation, a separate event was called to handle closing down the dialogue.


I realised then that because of its dependency on a trigger to continue, nodes after the dialogue event call no longer played organically. I had to separate triggers into Parts A and Parts B, called before and after dialogue events.

part a.PNG

part b

I also completely reworked the flow of the level in accordance with the producer’s flow plan and professional script.



  • Attack and block movement collisions – rocks

block so cannot walk

Disable collision once rock is ‘destroyed’, so player character does not collide with empty space.

disable collision so can walk thru invis actor

  • Develop in-engine effect for fault lines (particle effects or material)


  • Fault line effect

check dodging.PNG


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