Heresy – Vial Colliders

Before, when vials were destroyed in Heresy to create acidic puddles the colliders for the glass vial bottles still remained in the puddle. This involved changing the trigger from “component hit” to “component overlap”

Heresy – Phase 2 Shockwave

Ensured that object is destroyed upon collision with the player’s Block sphere.

block.PNGI also altered the cable rigidity of Lil Lucifer, to ensure its movement was more organic in-game.



  • Changed some dialogue lines according to playertesting feedback

lend power.png

  • Flash ‘e to continue’ – consistency, creating animations for all dialogue widgets
  • Fixed a dialogue bug (broken referencing)


Controls Menu

menu nav.PNG

Player attacking forwards

Found that the rotator had to be broken to ensure that Lil Death’s Z-axis was unchanged during combat.


Elevator doors

My producer told me to complete the following:

  • Have elevator doors open after conversation with Lil Lucifer
  • If player dies and is returned to elevator, have elevator doors opened immediately (instead of having to wait or complete conversation again)

Complete Implementation:

elevator impl.PNG

To do this, I first needed to find a way to create persistent variables, This was done through a Game Instance Object blueprint.


The blueprint had a single boolean variable to track if a player has just died – the game instance object global variable to track this is accessed through the game now – it is set by the player character blueprint, upon player death.

Upon entering an elevator, this variable is accessed and checked to see if the player was returned to the elevator upon death, or whether they were taken to the elevator after successfully completing a level.

If  player returns to elevator upon their death, immediately play elevator doors opening in-engine:

event start.PNG

If  player returns to elevator upon their successful level completion, wait until conversation end to open elevator doors:

play doors open.PNG

Reset both these variables upon exiting the elevator.



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